New trailer for “Amazing Spider-Man” raises new questions

New trailer for “Amazing Spider-Man” raises new questions

It just goes to show that I should have done Spidey-Month later so I could tie this in.

Okay, that was freaking awesome. I mean, everytime I see a new trailer for this film, I find myself feeling more and more pumped. So, let’s talk about what’s new in this trailer.

– Peter’s parents have always been a huge part of the advertising when it came to this film, but this one amps it up even higher. At one point, if you pause the screen when his dad is erasing his black board, you can see written “Delivery Agent” and “Arachnid Genome”, as well as a spider preserved in a glass. This, tied with the shadowy man asking if Connors told Peter about his dad, just makes me think that it’s possible that Peter’s father is the one who found the way to cross animal DNA with humans, leading to both Spidey and the Lizard. And since both scientists worked for OsCorp, how long before we find another major villain pulling the strings in the background.

– Gwen and Peter’s relationship seems to move a lot faster, particularly since it seems that she will find out he’s Spidey long before the end credits. This is a fun twist, since a lot of superhero movies have the love interest only find out at either the end or before the climax.

– The Lizard is not just a wild animal. It seems like the smarter version will be here, especially that shot of him spreading a gas. Possibly, could he be trying to turn humans into lizards like himself, like the classic stories? I can only hope.

– So much action. Between the police chasing Spidey and Spidey fighting the Lizard everywhere from the ceiling to underwater, this film may have more action than the entire previous trilogy.

The funny thing is, everytime I see this new Spidey, I keep thinking of Batman Begins, and how it was a cool update but didn’t make the previous film by Tim Burton look like it was nothing. It’s going to be an interesting summer, ladies and gents.

Ahmed is not just a fanboy, but also a martial artist and an indie author who has published such fantasy adventure books as "Lunen: Triblood".

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