Pre-order exclusives for Amazing Spider-Man revealed!

Pre-order exclusives for Amazing Spider-Man revealed!

Activision and Marvel have revealed what you’ll get if you pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 from certain stores. Let’s compare, shall we?

If you pre-order from Gamestop, you get The Rhino Challenge.  Here, you’ll take charge of one of the major foes from the game, the Rhino, in an exclusive gameplay challenge. As the titanic villain, players will get to destroy everything in his path as they race through a timed event based on speed and combo streaks. Sounds like we get to do some major damage through Manhattan.

If you instead choose to pre-order from, you’ll get the most shocking one so far. You get to play Spidey’s co-creator Stan Lee in a special mission as he webswings through New York in search of pages from his latest script. Not only does Lee provide his own voice and witticisms in this bonus mission, but you’ll also find a special surprise at the end of it that helps celebrate Spidey’s 50th anniversary.

Quite a shift from just having bonus costumes (which are rumored to still be within the game), huh?

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