Review: Cat Planet Cuties (Anime)

Review: Cat Planet Cuties (Anime)

What would it be like if an alien came to our world and you were the first to meet it? Now I have another question…what if it looked just like a human, yet it had cat ears and a tail and was VERY sexy? Of course, this would be any nerd’s fantasy since, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a girl in cosplay? Lately I’ve been watching the new series Cat Planet Cuties, and I can say I’ve been very intrigued from start to end. This series provides a lot of laughs, and I can say flaunts a lot of “stuff” during some episodes. You can use your imagination to see where I’m going with that.

Will this new anime series Cat Planet Cuties provide the viewers a great action packed experience? This is what you’re here to find out in my review of the new series Cat Planet Cuties.

Cat Planet Cuties is a series that spans 12 episodes, and will provide many laughs. The complete series will also contain an OVA, which is an extra episode. The story for Cat Planet Cuties is an interesting one. The series starts out with one of our main characters, Kio Kakazu, who’s a young teenage boy. He’s nerdy, but is very caring when it comes to helping his friends and people he hardly knows. Who wouldn’t want a friend just like that? We also meet another main character named Eris, but little does Kio know until later on that Eris is an alien. Why is Eris on Earth? She’s tasked by the Catians, which are her species, to explore and study Earth as much as she can. Of course, Eris isn’t safe on Earth. Many secret agencies learn about her, and she has to deal with a rival species known as the Dogisians. I told you the series gets interesting from the start. You’ll also be meeting other main characters such as Aoi and Manami, but they’re hiding a big secret from Kio. What is this secret they’re hiding? You’ll need to watch the series to find out.

Now, Eris and her kind look just like humans; the only difference is she’s got parts from a cat. Yes, I just said a cat! Aren’t you surprised? Another thing to add is that all of her species have hot bodies. Yes, I know it’s only an anime, but hey, when you got it going on it needs to be said. I’m not getting weird here or anything, right? I would go more into Eris, but this is one of those areas in which you’ll need to take a glance at the series, whether it’s via FUNimation or you purchase the DVD/Blu-ray combo, which comes out May 15th.

For the story, I feel that the series did well as a whole, but fell short with the amount of content it offered. What do I mean by that? Well, the story for each episode was spot on and very detailed, providing me with laughs and overall enjoyment. At times, though, I felt that side stories could have extended the series, such as back stories of the Dogisians, more information on each character, and more instead of going straight to the point in each episode. As for the graphics, I approve of the art style, minus seeing the girls flaunting their boobs. Yes, guys, you’ll get to see somewhat naked people in this series quite often. I’ve grown used to some anime titles that go that far, so it doesn’t bother me, and it’s something that all anime fans should get used to. I’m mature about it, but I do know some of the younger crowd may enjoy themselves. Hey, only being honest since I have a few friends who would only grab this series due to that reason, which I think is wrong. To me it’s all about the story, plot, and the work that was put into the series.

As for the acting within the series I can say FUNimation has done a good job with syncing the voice acting to the lips movement, as they always try to do in their titles. Additionally, the inclusion of emotion and feelings at serious parts and battles was done very well. When it came to the music within the series, I really wasn’t pulled in. I was more focused on the story/plot of the series rather than the music that played at certain parts. Though I must point out, during one episode the cast did start singing a song, which I thought was funny and reminded me of a moment that you’d see in a musical movie. I’ll need to give the directors of the series two thumbs up when it came to that part of the series.

Overall, I’d say the series did a great job with keeping me entertained and pulled in from start to end. Why? Well the story telling was detailed; the plot of the entire series wasn’t that bad either. Again, the one major thing that did bother me was that some characters just showed up without explaining what they do within the series; hence the thought of side stories that could be added. When it came to the acting it was also well done. As for the art style and etc., I felt as if they did a good job, but flaunting boobs quite often seemed to be the main focus at times. I’m fine with it but doing it quite often did grow annoying. Is this anime series worth the purchase price? I’d say kind of but I’d wait for the price to go lower, unless it goes on sale for the complete series, which with FUNimation it’s most likely on sale before the launch. When it comes to the series, it’s a must buy title, and would be perfect for any anime fan.


Solid Story/Plot
Voice Acting Spot on
Flaunting boobs often got annoying
Felt as if more could be added
80 out of 100

Cat Planet Cuties has been provided by FUNimation Entertainment for review purposes. For more information on the anime series or FUNimation, please visit their website.

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