Review: Shiki (Anime)

Review: Shiki (Anime)

Let’s say one day people start dying for no real reason at all in a city you’ve lived in for quite some time. It ranges from friends, other families, a few new people in town, and maybe even other towns nearby. What would you do? Is this an epidemic, or is it something else? Would you stay in the area or leave right away? I recently finished the entire series of the anime Shiki, and boy do I have to say that I enjoyed the series. I’ll admit here that at first I was confused, but after some time I grew to enjoy the series as it pulled me in more and more.

Does the series do well with a suspenseful story or does just end up confusing you the entire time? That’s what you’re here to find out in my review of Shiki.

Our story starts out in the small, friendly town of Sotoba. The long abandoned mansion in town has recently become home to a new family. Days later, people start dying for no real reason. Now, I’m not saying that there’s any correlation between the family and the deaths; it’s unknown why people in perfect health have started dying. Kids, teens, and even adults fall victim to the mystery. The town doctor, and the rest of the city’s population, are clueless of the cause. It could be an epidemic, but what would be the cause? To learn more, you’ll need to watch the series, because we’re wading into spoiler territory.

When it comes to the story of Shiki it was pulled off brilliantly. Why do I say brilliantly? When it came down to it, the series was very suspenseful, had action, and would pull in almost any viewer, leaving you wanting to know what happens next. I know it did to me! The action this series provided, along with the detail from start to finish, hit every mark. While it starts off slow at first, it quickly picks up as the story focuses around a mysterious sickness that’s hit the town. The number of casualties quickly rises, yet new people are still choosing to move in. Fast-forward a bit and Shiki becomes quite suspenseful, with some action scenes, good traditional horror, and plot revelations that are sure to bring further intrigue. Shiki is a series I’d watch again and again.

Did the plot to Shiki do well? I’d have to say that nearly every part of the series did well. I do admit the series is slow, but after some time you will notice this is where the “suspense” mentioned above comes into play. Since the series starts off slow, what better way is there to pull in the viewers? I’d say add some suspense, so the viewers finish that episode wanting to know more. There wasn’t a single episode that ended where I wasn’t sitting back thinking and guessing about what was going on. I’d just like to say that I did manage to guess correctly, for what it’s worth. Shiki may come off as having a few “screwed up” episodes, which you’ll see if you pick up the series.

When it came to the English voice acting it was very well done and put together. As I’ve said in past reviews, FUNimation hires some good actors and does a great job with syncing the voices to the lip movements. When it comes to emotions the actors provide during the scenes that needed them you can tell it was also pulled off quite well. As for the acting in the other languages, work was put into them, but since I can’t understand it I had to turn on the subs. I do enjoy watching an anime title subbed from time to time, but my overall enjoyment is watching an anime title with it being dubbed.

As for the graphics for the entire series they were pulled off great. Shiki is a very suspenseful horror story and the artist made sure to create things that you wish would never show up in your dreams. Scratch that…not just a dream, but even a day-dream. The style the artist took was spot on with what a horror story should be. They provide something that was dark yet kept the overall graphics as if everything was calm…until it’s night and you’re sleeping of course. Plus, don’t most horror stories wait until night to really get freaky?

Now, adding both the acting with how the story is portrayed with the graphics, and you’re in for a great time.

Overall, I can say the series Shiki is a hit for me. This anime title provides suspense, action, drama, and much more. Shiki is a horror story that will keep you interested from start to end. I’ve said the story is slow, but it pulls you in more and keeps you wanting to know what happens next. The acting within the series is superb, and the art style and how the story is told is top-notch as well. I was confused at first, but after a few episodes you’ll be pulled in. Is Shiki well worth the price? Yes! My advice is to purchase the series, and you’ll enjoy this suspense filled anime. This is a one of a kind horror story that you wish would never happen in real life! Are you looking for an anime to give you possible nightmares or are you a fan of suspenseful stories? This is the anime for you!


Suspenseful story gets very intriguing per episode
Brilliant Graphics and Acting
Suspenseful Series
Story starts off slow and takes a few episodes to really take off
93 out of 100

Shiki part 1 and 2 was provided by FUNimation for review. For more information on this OVA Collection or FUNimation please visit their website.


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