Spy Hunter Coming to Vita/3DS

Spy Hunter Coming to Vita/3DS

It’s a damn good thing I was in my car grabbing lunch, and not in my office, when I saw the press release for this piece come in. I don’t believe my girlish squeal of excitement would have been appreciated by my co-workers, seeing as I’m a dude, and all. Spy Hunter, an absolute classic of the arcade days, is making its way to the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS this fall in celebration of the title’s 30th anniversary. See, it’s when I read THAT part of the press release that my girlish squeal turned into a girlish wail as it hit me that this game has been out FOR 30 YEARS.

I need to stop making girlish noises in general. It doesn’t fit my righteous beard.

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Spy Hunter puts you back in the “Agent’s” driver seat of the G-6155 Interceptor supercar, equipped with advanced weaponry to take on those who would dominate the world. No, not Pinky and the Brain. A GLOBAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

From Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President of Production and Development at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment:

Spy Hunter’s classic gameplay has been upgraded to give PlayStation Vita and 3DS players a new, adrenaline-charged experience. Gamers now have more choice in the transformation and customization with greater hand controls, brilliant graphics, and enhanced action cameras.

New to Spy Hunter is the ability to go where you like within branching mission paths, upgrading and modifying the Interceptor’s weapons and gadgets, and air support from an unmanned aerial drone.

Are you excited? Get excited.

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