Twisted Pixel Issues Challenge #4 in Ms. Splosion Man

Twisted Pixel Issues Challenge #4 in Ms. Splosion Man

Do you still play Ms. Splosion Man on Xbox Live? I do, and still enjoy it, even though I’ve yet to beat the final few levels. Well, Twisted Pixel has some good news for you! As you know, from time to time Twisted Pixel will issue challenges in which the top 5 performers might win something. What are they doing this time? In this challenge Twisted Pixel has announced that players will be competing for 5 top leaderboard slots. Why? It’s going to be for  a chance to win the next Xbox title to come from Twisted Pixel.

Another title coming soon? Now if you’re not in the top 5 slots, no worries, you’ll be finding out about this new title during E3, June 5th. I wonder if this will be a XBLA game or another full retail title? We’ll need to wait for this upcoming news and you’ll be sure to see me and fellow Twisted Pixel fans excited at what might be coming our way.

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