Candy for Keflings Screenshots Revealed – Special Event Announced

Candy for Keflings Screenshots Revealed – Special Event Announced

I’m not sure if we’ve made it clear in the past, but we absolutely love the Keflings games (and the PSN version, Akimi Village). When we first heard of the It Came From Outer Space DLC for A World of Keflings, we were absolutely ecstatic, as our review of the DLC will support. When we saw the contest to determine the new World of Keflings DLC theme, our vote (for Candy) was submitted, and we watched with anticipation until it was announced that Candy had, in fact, won. Now, we get screenshots and a special event for Candy for Keflings.

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157630179931308″ items=”20″]

The screenshots betray a little of the plot and characters of the upcoming DLC, such as the new enemy, the wizard Waldorf, and new harvesting items, such as caramel.

On top of this great look at the upcoming DLC, a special event has been announced for tonight. PlayXBLA will be hosting an “ask-the-devs-anything” event on Xbox LIVE tonight, from 5pm to 6pm PDT. For more details, keep an eye on

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