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Caption Contest: SEGA Vintage Collections 1-4 (XBLA)

Caption Contest: SEGA Vintage Collections 1-4 (XBLA)

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to the winners! Streets of Rage: @Navarin. Golden Axe: @hestar69. Monster World: @aznxchunky. Alex Kidd & Co.: @ninjarturtle. Thanks for playing, and good luck next time!

Every day this week, leading up to this contest, we’ve had the opportunity to review each of the recently released SEGA Vintage Collections on XBLA. First, and my favorite, was the Streets of Rage collection. Golden Axe, Monster World, and Alex Kidd & Co. followed, and now four lucky people will each win one of these four SEGA Vintage Collections. To be perfectly clear, we have one extra XBLA code for each of these packages, and will be giving each code out to a separate winner.

All you have to do is caption this:

Please specify which of the four collections you would prefer, and I’ll try my best to oblige. Want extra entries? OF COURSE YOU DO! TWEET!

I just entered to win one of four @SEGA Vintage Collections from @Marooners_Rock, and you can too! Details:

Be sure to let us know in your comments if you’ve boosted your chances by tweeting! The contest starts now and will run through 11:59:59 PM Monday, June 18th. The winners will be announced on Tuesday morning.

Get captioning, people!

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