E3 2012: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

E3 2012: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Last year’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was a strong effort on Konami’s part, but fell just short of its perennial competitor, FIFA, in terms of polish and gameplay. With Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Konami seems to be making a determined effort to close the gap and match, if not overtake, the monster in its closet. Their E3 2012 showing for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, due this fall, has really managed to excite me about its potential, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it to compare both to its predecessor and to its competitor.

As you see in the trailer, there are a few key words mentioned: Player ID, Full Control, ProActive AI.

  • Player ID – Character models and animations have been recreated to be more true to real life than ever before in the series, including celebrations, gameplay actions, and goal keeper animations.
  • Full Control – First touch control finally makes it to PES, along with a freedom of control over dribbling, passing, and shooting that should blow past series entries away.
  • ProActive AI – Konami worked with real goal keepers to get a better understanding of goal keeper movement and logic, which directly translates to animation and AI quality. Gameplay is further balanced between attack and defense, and player/team decisions and movement are even sharper than before.

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