E3 2012: Star Trek Details Revealed

E3 2012: Star Trek Details Revealed

Falling just short of Lord of the Rings in its race for the top of my geekdom list, Star Trek had an incredibly wonderful E3 2011 showing, and seems to be gearing up for an even better E3 2012 showing. While I’ve had to deal with depressingly disappointing news in the lead-up to the release of Star Trek, I’ve enjoyed everything else on the path. Today is, short of my discovering the game in a behind closed doors appointment at last year’s E3, by far the most satisfying and enjoyable Star Trek news day yet.

Not only has it been announced that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto will be reprising their film roles of  Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock for the upcoming title, lending a great sense of connection to the main film franchise, but the game’s major enemy has been announced: the Gorn. So not only have they tied the game in to the film universe with the inclusion of the proper voice acting team, but they’ve tied it in to the classic TV universe with the inclusion of the Gorn. I’m telling you this now, though, in the hopes that it makes its way to the developers at Namco Bandai and subsequently into the game itself: I better be able to perform a combo that lets me rip my shirt off and make a mortar out of rocks and dust.

Take a look at some of the new screenshots that went out today:

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157629997403029″ items=”20″]

Not only was this one of my favorite games of E3 2011, it is also one of my favorite games of E3 2012, with days left to go. If this game comes out right, I can’t imagine anything knocking it off my “GOTY 2013” list. Make sure to keep your eyes on us and the Star Trek game website for more screenshots, trailers, and more as they come out.

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