Review: No Scope Screen Sticker

Review: No Scope Screen Sticker

Everyone wants to improve their video game performance. There are all kinds of things that you can do to improve your accuracy, reaction times, and more. Some people buy controllers built for certain genres or even certain specific games. Some people buy accessories that modify existing controllers. Some people buy things that actually modify the display in some way. There are a lot of things in the market that end up being total crap, while others are perfect for most gamers. Maybe you already use some of these methods, and have noticed impossible shots lining up with ease?

Today, we look at the No Scope from BRG Mods. Read on to learn more!

If you’re a fan of shooters, you know what the term “no scope” refers to. For those of you who don’t, “no scope” means shooting generally long range weapons without the use of the weapon’s scope. The No Scope from BRG Mods is their latest item aimed to help improve targeting within FPS games, like the Call of Duty franchise and others. The No Scope is a transparent adhesive sticker with a targeting reticle that fits on the middle of your TV/monitor. The best thing about the No Scope sticker is that, since it is mostly transparent, it does not block your TV viewing while you’re playing your game. The single purchase comes with 5 No Scope stickers, which are easy to remove and reapply depending on which game you’re playing. Since not every game has the same center point for the targeting reticle, you’ll want to start your game and adjust your No Scope sticker accordingly. As you can see below, it definitely helps with faster no-scope firing.

On top of its peel-and-pull ease, the No Scope comes in a Glow-in-the-dark style.

The No Scope is easy to install and remove, comes with multiple stickers in each package, improves your gameplay, and doesn’t change how you hold your controller with potentially uncomfortable mods. Overall, it’s a good item to have if you want every little piece of help in improving your shots. I’ll use it quite often when killing zombies, but I generally don’t play too many FPS games, so I’m not exactly the target audience for the product. That being said, it sells for only a few dollars, so it’s worth buying for the times that I DO play FPS games. You can find the No Scope at BGR Mods.


Easy to install and remove
Improves FPS accuracy
Once sticker back gets dirty, it becomes useless
Need to really be a fan of select franchise to get use out of it
82 out of 100

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