Review: SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World (XBLA)

Review: SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World (XBLA)

I’ve always been a fan of fantasy style video games, and the Monster World series fits that mold very well. In the SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World package, SEGA has given us three (arguably) great titles, one of which has long resisted the voyage to our shores from its native Japan. Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Monster World IV provide consecutively better gameplay quality and entertainment in one convenient and cheap package.

Now, I say that the SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World package ARGUABLY provides three titles. Wonder Boy in Monster Land and Wonder Boy in Monster World are, for the most part, the same game from different generations. Wonder Boy in Monster Land is far older and less entertaining than its newer version, Wonder Boy in Monster World. To be honest, I sincerely believe that the only reason Wonder Boy in Monster Land was included was to fill out the three game set. That being said, the true gem of this package is Monster World IV. Not only is it the best of the three titles, it is also the first time that this game has been made available domestically without having to import it.

As with the other SEGA Vintage Collections, most of these games are readily available on their original platforms (aside from Monster World IV, in this case), but the convenience of the single launcher package and the inclusion of a rare title making its first foray into the Western market definitely make this worth the reasonable price.


All three titles in one cheap package
Monster World IV in English for the first time
Redundant inclusion of Monster Land
and Monster World
85 out of 100

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