Shedding Some Light on Metro

Shedding Some Light on Metro

E3 finished a little over a week ago, and there are so many games to catch up on and learn more about. How many new games are you excited for? How much are you looking forward to? Honestly, speaking for myself, there were so many announcements that I know I won’t have enough money to purchase all of the games and accessories that I want to get my hands on, and that’s just talking about the rest of this calendar year. What really stood out high on my list of games, though, was the footage from the upcoming Metro: Last Light, which will be a 2013 release.

During May, a live action trailer was teased, and later released. The live action trailer was eventually released on May 24th. Both the teaser and the complete trailer are below:

Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Teaser

Metro: Last Light – Enter the Metro Short Film

As I said earlier, seeing gameplay for Metro: Last Light really helped bump it up on my list of anticipated titles. The team at GameSpot sat down and spoke with one of the Metro: Last Light team members, and brought many things to light, such as some of what may or may not be going on in the game. What has happened since Metro 2033? What new features have been added? If you haven’t watched, take a look at it here.

If you’re looking forward to this continuation of the Metro adventure as much as I am, let me hear it! What do you think of the gameplay shown? What do you hope to see come to the game? What features would you love? Comment below! Click here for more information on Metro: Last Light.

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