Sonic Adventure 2 May Hit XBL Oct. 3 – Screenshots

Sonic Adventure 2 May Hit XBL Oct. 3 – Screenshots

Ever since the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure hit Xbox LIVE and other formats, everyone has been asking about Sonic Adventure 2. I played the demo for Sonic Adventuer 2 many years ago, when I was a proud SEGA Dreamcast owner, but I’ve never gone through the entire game, and as years progress, some people will lose track of games. I’ve played more Sonic Adventure, definitely, than Sonic Adventure 2, but I’m still looking forward to the digital download for the classic sequel.

It seems has slipped up and published a page showing Sonic Adventure 2 as an  upcoming Xbox LIVE title. Interested in how the game is going to look? Check out the screenshots and details page we managed to grab from the page while it is/was still up:

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