SpiritHoods Releases Limited Edition SpiritHoods for Guardians of Luna

SpiritHoods Releases Limited Edition SpiritHoods for Guardians of Luna

SpiritHoods is well known for their animal-inspired faux-fur accessories. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a SpiritHood is, take a look at the picture of me below. That, my friends, is a SpiritHood, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m a huge fan of the accessories that SpiritHoods creates, as are many of my friends. Who doesn’t like the occasional cute thing, especially if it’s comfortable, and who wouldn’t want to support ProBlue, an animal conservation charity, with certain SpiritHoods purchases?

Now that you’re up to speed on SpiritHoods, get a load of this. Today, SpiritHoods and Guardians of Luna Productions will be announcing Guardians of Luna SpiritHoods. These limited edition SpiritHoods are now on sale via the SpiritHoods storefront. What’s Guardians of Luna? Guardians of Luna is an upcoming anime film, with a theatrical release scheduled for 2013. I really enjoy anime, and I really enjoy SpiritHoods, so a collaboration between SpiritHoods and Guardians of Luna is absolutely awesome. We’ll have to wait until next year to see how the film turns out, but you can see how the SpiritHoods turned out right now. The SpiritHoods are inspired by characters in Guardians of Luna, starring Kellan Lutz, Booboo Stewart, and Xzibit (yo dawg).

“What makes this collaboration so unique is the pairing of this product to ProBlue—our program dedicated to raising money and awareness for endangered species,” said SpiritHoods Co-Founder, Alexander Mendeluk. “We are constantly looking for ways to collaborate with other animal-inspired brands and franchises who can help build awareness in support of this great cause.”

As you browse the SpiritHoods website, and as you’ve seen a couple of times in this post, you’ll notice “ProBlue” come up quite often. What is ProBlue? When you purchase a SpiritHood with the PROBLUE logo, SpiritHoods will donate 10% of the net profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the particular animal associated with the SpiritHood you purchased. On top of that, Guardians of Luna Productions will match all donations from the sale of the Limited Edition Guardians of Luna SpiritHoods to Predator Defense, which is a SpiritHoods non-profit partner dedicated to the protection of endangered wolves.

“Guardians of Luna Productions has been amazing in their efforts to help spread our ProBlue message. Not only will they be matching donations, they will also be featuring a Public Service Announcement on the official DVD—all in an effort to raise awareness for the endangered animals that inspired their films,” said Mendeluk.

This limited-edition collection will be sold exclusively on the official SpiritHoods website. Trust me when I say this…if you want a nice item and want to support a great cause check out the site ASAP.

For more information, click here: Predator Defense – Guardians of Luna

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  • Windy Stroud

    I would LOVE to have one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info!

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