THQ Announces Darksiders II Summer of Death Promotion

THQ Announces Darksiders II Summer of Death Promotion

Currently scheduled for August release on PC and console, Darksiders II is set to follow-up THQ’s 2010 critical darling Darksiders (apparently banned in the United Arab Emirates for “contradicting with the UAE’s customs and traditions”). Darksiders II will take place along a similar timeline as its predecessor, but will feature the Horseman Death, rather than the Horseman War featured in the original title. To support the upcoming release, THQ has announced the start of the Darksiders II Summer of Death promotion.

For people who pre-order the game, the following rewards become available:

  • Darksiders II exclusive t-shirt
  • Additional digital content
  • “Money can’t buy” prizes

So far, it seems that Darksiders II is still on track for its current release date, so let’s hope it stays that way!

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