Borderlands 2 Gets Whimsical New Trailer

Borderlands 2 Gets Whimsical New Trailer

When I was in fourth grade, I was in a radio commercial back in my hometown of Oklahoma City. The five best readers in the school district were chosen to participate in the commercial, so one day we all drove down to KOMA, the local Oldies station, and started to lay down some mad tracks. Even though they gave me a cassette of the commercial, I wanted to listen to it on the air, so I started listening to the station all the time. This resulted in me getting massive exposure to music from the 50s and 60s, which I quite enjoyed. One of the more entertaining songs (especially for a fourth grader) was a song called “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (also known as “Wimoweh”). It was full of whimsy and joy.

Cut forward to 2012, where this childhood memory of whimsy and joy is applied to the beautiful creatures and environment of Pandora…closely followed by the sequel’s new heroes as they fuck that shit UP.

I want it to be September already.

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