GR:FS Arctic Strike DLC Dated

GR:FS Arctic Strike DLC Dated

Two weeks before the launch of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier back in May, Ubisoft announced an upcoming DLC package for the title, “Arctic Strike.” Originally intended for July 3rd, the DLC package was delayed, and has now been re-dated. Now, the Arctic Strike DLC, which will bring new content to the game’s versatile multiplayer modes, will be releasing on XBLA and PSN July 17th for 800MSP/$9.99. Find screenshots and the detailed list of new multiplayer content below.

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The Arctic Strike DLC will bring:

  • Three new MP maps
  • Stockade – a new MP mode
  • One new Guerrilla Mode map
  • Six new weapons
    • Rifleman: F2000 and CZS805
    • Scout: Type 05 JS and BT MP9
    • Engineer: OCP-11 and Mk17
  • Achievements
  • +10 level cap increase

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