Kickstarter Announced for Super Techno Kitten Adventure

Kickstarter Announced for Super Techno Kitten Adventure

My good friend @ICanHasTechno, known for the games Techno Kitten Adventure and Nyan Cat Adventure (which you can either find on Xbox Live or on mobile devices), has something awesome to announce. 21st Street Games has announced, and started, a Kickstarter for Super Techno Kitten Adventure! Yes, the absolutely awesome indie game Techno Kitten Adventure is getting a sequel, and I have no doubt it will be even better than the original. Check out the video below and you’ll see why giving them your hard earned money will not be a waste.


You can help support this game by contributing to its Kickstarter here. Also, take a look at what this game will give you in the future:

For more information on 21st Street Games or Techno Kitten Adventure, please visit the  links below.


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