Marooners’ Talk: Episode 035 – “In Which We Mourn the Loss of Adam”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 035 – “In Which We Mourn the Loss of Adam”

For the most part over the last few months, we’ve managed to keep our podcasting trio intact. Occasionally, however, either Thom or Adam will totally let everyone down and fail to appear on a weekly episode. Last night, Thom and I found ourselves in just one such situation, as Adam may have died (but we’re fairly certain…pretty sure…hopeful that he’s alive). That being said, allow me to present to you Episode 035 of Marooners’ Talk, “In Which We Mourn the Loss of Adam.” Hopefully this episode title does not end up being literal, after the fact.

We spent the majority of our conversation this week talking about comics. Thom caught me up on some of what’s going on in the New 52, we discussed the Marvel Now! relaunch-that-isn’t-a-relaunch, and I learned that Hope Summers is still a dick, reaffirming my theory that the mutant power of the Summers line (whether genetically or by nomenclature only) is enhanced dickitude. The Amazing Spider-Man (movie and game) are touched on in various forms, along with Dead Space, Halo, and more. Oh, and we start talking about Mass Effect 3 again, but caught ourselves in time and got back on topic.

As always, you can listen instantly below or subscribe on iTunes and listen on the go! So, you know, do that. Or not. Whatever. Jerk.

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