Marooners’ Talk: Episode 039 – “Keflings Chat”

Marooners’ Talk: Episode 039 – “Keflings Chat”

Contained within Episode 039 of Marooners’ Talk, titled “Keflings Chat,” are certain EXCLUSIVE details about NinjaBee Games’ upcoming A World of Keflings candy-themed DLC, straight from the mouth of Andrew Hill (PR/Marketing for NinjaBee Games). Aside from exclusive DLC details, Andrew gives us some great insight into the workings of NinjaBee, how he feels about the Xbox Dashboard, and an interesting look at how Avatars made it into A Kingdom for Keflings those many years ago, among many other points. Do you want the official name of A World of Keflings’ candy DLC? How about some details about new characters and new mechanics? Avatar FameStar inclusion? All of this and more within the hour below.

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