New Legends of Pegasus Trailer Released

New Legends of Pegasus Trailer Released

A while back, I got to see an early build of the upcoming Legends of Pegasus from Kalypso Media, and I was amazed at what I had experienced. Of course, as I just said, it was an early build so we couldn’t play the game. Since then, though, trailers have been releasing on a semi-regular basis, giving us a good look at what to expect. Have you ever wanted to travel space and take part in epic battles? Of course you have, who hasn’t?! Check out the latest trailer for Legends of Pegasus:

Want to know more about what this game is about?

Legends of Pegasus takes you to an epic journey into space and mixes real-time and turn-based strategy. Players will expand their civilization in the galaxy by colonizing new planets, building factories, laboratories and shipyards, researching new technologies and designing new spacecrafts to keep on exploring new galaxies. Battles are played real-time and decided not only by your tactical skills, but also by your strategic decisions and the design and equipment of your ships.”

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