ZombiU Trailers and Screenshots From Comic-Con 2012

ZombiU Trailers and Screenshots From Comic-Con 2012

Between the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo Wii U, Ubisoft has done more than its fair share of making handhelds and consoles look like they’re worth buying. One of the big titles that receives some derision for its title, but praise for its concept, is ZombiU. Yes, another zombie game. How, then, can it be receiving praise? If your character gets eaten by zombies, you start from the beginning, and you have to find your previous character (now a zombie) and recover your backpack. It’s, honestly, one of the most realistic zombie experiences yet, as far as basic realistic mechanics are concerned. Take a look at these new gameplay trailers and screenshots, and an accompanying piece of concept art, to see how the game plays.

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