Review: Freezing (Anime)

Review: Freezing (Anime)

Do you want action, blood, suspense, some skin, and a little romance? Who doesn’t? ūüėČ Well the newest anime from FUNimation Entertainment is something worth checking out. What is this anime title, you ask? Freezing will provide you a lot of action, ass kicking, suspense, a little romance…and possibly a little bit of skin. I’m not saying showing some skin is bad because A: ratings go up since some people like it and B: it’s something to expect in some anime titles, or at least for me. Who cares about seeing boobs in a series? I simply care ¬†about how the story is, the acting, and if it’s something I’d re-watch or want more of.

With that said, what makes or breaks the new anime Freezing?

Freezing is set in a futuristic world where earth has been invaded by aliens from another dimension. These aliens are known as the Nova and in order for the Earth to fight back they’ve created Pandoras and Limiters, who are genetically modified girls with super skills and male partners who have freezing powers, to limit the movement of a Nova. This Freezing power will grant Pandoras the chance to attack and defeat said Novas. As the series starts you’ll learn about Kazuya Aoi, whose sister was a Pandora (who has died), and the girl known as Satellizer el Bridget. I’d love to keep going into more details but if I do I’ll be getting into the story and spoiling it for you.

As I first started to watch Freezing I wasn’t sure what to expect. Within the first few minutes you’ll see blood, ass kicking, and the action I’d want in most anime titles. As in most anime titles the first thing I’m drawn to is the art style, story, and acting in the series. I’ll first go into the art style the anime provides. When first viewing the series I thought of anime titles such as¬†Master of Martial Hearts,¬†Sekirei, and others that get a bit crazy when it comes to battles and girls fighting girls. The series overall is very put together and detailed with each part it goes into and this ranges from a battle scene, fights against the Nova, or simply the areas throughout the¬†academy. The story itself is very straight forward and as I’ve said already provides a lot of entertainment during fights, the romances in the series, and how the story is told.

The acting within the series is top-notch and didn’t disappoint. When it came down to providing the right emotions the marks were hit. Want a reason to be sad, hyper, surprised, and wondering what might happen? You’ve found something here to do it. I’ve had past anime titles I’ve viewed and I’d wonder where the emotion was. What do I mean? Well within any show I want to also have emotional involvement with the series. An example being that a select character you’ve known from the start dies or something bad happens. I’d come out with the emotion of slight sadness along with being shocked that it happened. I’m not saying this happens in the series but hopefully you’ll get my point. The actors made sure to hit every key point to keep you interested, hyped up on what might happen next.

Freezing provides a lot of entertainment for a series lasting only 12 episodes along with a few OVA’s. Personally I want more to this series and if you enjoy the action this series will provide you will as well. Hopefully the team at FUNimation Entertainment can obtain more to this series if Japan has created more.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the series even though I wish there was more. Why do I say that well you’ll need to watch the series and by the time you finish the last episode you’ll be wanting more. If you’re a fan of ass kicking, action, romance and a vibrant story-line then you’re going to enjoy Freezing. There wasn’t a moment in which I wanted to know more, see more ass kicking between the Pandoras. The price for this series is well worth it and this would be a series I’d watch again and again.

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  • Good price
  • 12 episodes provide good action
  • Great storyline
  • Great voiceacting[/custom_list][/one_half]


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  • Only 12 episodes long
  • Somewhat graphic (boobs)


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