Far Cry 3 Coming to Minecraft

Far Cry 3 Coming to Minecraft

In what seems to be an odd bit of cross-promotion, Ubisoft’s upcoming insanity-driven shooter Far Cry 3 will be making an appearance on the PC version of Minecraft. Available October 26th, 2012 on the Far Cry 3 official website, this map and texture pack will modify Minecraft’s environments, weapons, and tools. Vaas, Jason, and Citra will all appear, refashioned in the style of Minecraft, and over 50 different easter eggs will be hidden throughout the map’s islands. The Far Cry 3 map was created by Michael Lambert (Sacr3, creator of Newcraft City), with the textures from artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt.

Check out some of the mash-up screenshots below:

[slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157631785481207″ items=”20″]

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