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Giveaway: A World of Keflings & DLC Prize Packs

Giveaway: A World of Keflings & DLC Prize Packs

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to @eugaet_aux @bababooey0606 @Tanelorn82 @MilesMangrum and @CoreyRae (in order of prizes won) for winning our #Keflings packs!

At long last, all of the expected (and some unexpected) A World of Keflings DLC is released and freely available! Talking about “freely available,” we have one last (for now) A World of Keflings giveaway to treat you with! We have three different prizes bundling together A World of Keflings and its DLC in various ways. First, we have three full sets of A World of Keflings itself and all three DLC packs. Second, we have one full set of all of A World of Keflings DLC packs (minus the game itself). Finally, we have one set of the two most recent DLC packs (Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice, and The Curse of the Zombiesaurus). Make sure you get your name in for your last chance at some Keflings! The contest starts now and runs through 12:01am EST Thursday, October 25th. This is 9:01pm PST Wednesday, October 24th.


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