Viva El Presidente! Kalypso Announces Tropico 4 Gold Edition

Viva El Presidente! Kalypso Announces Tropico 4 Gold Edition

I’m a huge fan of the Tropico franchise published by Kalypso Media. Who doesn’t want to run their own island? Well today Kaylpso Media has some great news for you fans of Tropico 4. The beloved Tropican leader El Presidente has been doing quite well, and with re-elections coming up, he’s bringing in something big by releasing Tropico 4 Gold Edition on November 13th, 2012. Hopefully you’ll support him just as I will.

Tropico 4 is quite a brilliant game to play… In this game you’ll have so much to do and a lot of fun. At least I had fun playing since if anybody on my island disagreed I put a hit out on them. I bet you’re wondering what the Gold Edition will include, right? Well here’s a list:

Gold Edition List:

  • Become the heroic leader, or a despicable despot as your customized El Presidente avatar makes decisions for the good or ill of the people
  • Two extensive campaigns consisting of more than 30 unique missions including the new “Modern Times” campaign
  • More than 100 buildings in total, including the stock exchange, shopping mall, aqua park, car factories and shuttle launch pad
  • Council of Ministers – Elevate citizens to government positions to help push through your more controversial decisions
  • Sandbox mode for custom games, with improved map and scenario editor for endless replayability


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