Rockstar Games Releasing GTA V Trailer Tomorrow

Rockstar Games Releasing GTA V Trailer Tomorrow

Are you looking forward to Rockstar Games’ upcoming title GTA V as much as I am? Let’s face it I know some of you reading this enjoy games that you can simply run around and blow shit up. Sorry for the language, but don’t tell me you haven’t done just that. If you haven’t had a friend drive by in GTA IV and you blow their car up with a rocket or the Apache then you’re missing some of the fun. Plus that’s only a little bit of what you can do in a game such as this.

Anyways, tomorrow is a big day for the fans of the GTA franchise since Rockstar Games will be releasing a trailer for the game. As of right now we know very few details other than that the game will have three players to pick but maybe tomorrow in the box below we’ll find out more. See the timer ticking down below? Just keep an eye on it and when it hits Zero you’ll get to see the trailer. Enjoy and happy gaming!

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