Review: Samsung Galaxy SIII

Review: Samsung Galaxy SIII

Lately, I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy SIII thanks to Verizon Wireless. When it comes to smartphones some people look for devices that are low in cost, great battery life, what applications work with it, and many other features. The Samsung Galaxy SIII had many features I liked as I used it for a short time. Now I know you must be thinking what is good and or bad about this smart phone? Honestly, a lot of good things came out of this phone that I’ll explain during this review. What about the bad? I’ll go to that as well.

Does the Galaxy SIII come out on top when it comes to the latest smart phones in the market? Find out!

The Samsung Galaxy SIII as I said has many features which I liked. The phone itself includes a 4.8 inch HD screen, which itself is pretty big. When I first got the phone the first thing I thought was, “This phone is big!” Don’t worry about the size of this device it has no problems that came up due to being slightly bigger. Who cares how big a smart phone can be? Have you seen other companies phones? Some are about the same size if not slightly bigger. I’ll admit it does annoy me when you travel with a smart phone that is slightly on the big side but if you can back it up it’s pretty good in my book. Though it’s a nice feature to have since I’ve seen picture of it beside the latest iPhone. Anyways, this is yet another 4G LTE product which is good to see yet again. Sadly, I don’t have 4G unless I happen to travel an hour or two south of my location. I’ve been using 3G since most areas near me provide that. Even without the 4G service you can tell websites and applications downloaded quickly in a timely manner. What about the phone calls? I rarely had a problem with phone calls as well unless I happened to travel in an area with no service. I know said I’d bring up “bad” about the device but I’ll be honest it was hard to find any flaws as I used it. Of course some applications will kill a battery in no time, which is always bad. As you can clearly see in the picture above there will be a lot to work with.

What else should you know about this phone? The device runs off the operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). To my I feel as if this operating system runs very smooth without any freezing or device issues. I’ve had devices in the past that happen to freeze and require me to pull the battery out to restart. Ever since the Android OS released I’ve hardly had any issues. I know it seems that I may have had a few with this device but all operating systems will have a few bugs. Though you do have to take note not all applications you can download from the store will work with this device. What is the memory like with this device? With the Samsung Galaxy SIII you can get it in the sizes of 16GB up to 32. From what I hear in the future 64 GB will be available but you can also purchase a microSD card up to 64GB. Other features on this phone include ways of sharing pictures via tapping two of these devices together, and the normal features of any other android based phone. Example: Google Play, other applications, and etc. Other features I liked about this device was being able to text while watching a video. I know what is the magic! It was pretty awesome to keep on watching my shows or videos as I typed away.

Also, this phone has a Main(Rear): 8 Mega pixel camera along with zero lag and auto focus. What about the front? It includes a 1.9 Mega pixel camera with HD recording at 30fps (frames per second). Lately with devices the quality of pictures they happen to take look pretty good. I know you might be thinking about the battery life, right? If I had to pick a phone out of all the devices I’ve reviewed this would be the device that lasted the longest. Why do I say that? Well there were times I spent most of the day watching TV shows and Netflix on this device and it lasted for quite sometime. I know you may be thinking… You’re watching this on a small screen? It didn’t bother me at all the quality the screen provides was good. I almost felt as if I was just watching it on my TV just a smaller screen. The audio quality when doing this was also crystal clear. What about those phone calls? Also, crystal clear! Though let’s go back to battery life… I did have a few games downloaded and of course with the process power some games need it’ll clean out a battery in no time. One game did have the option to either increase the quality of the game at the cost of battery life. As you can clearly guess I didn’t like I had a game in front of me that would kill the phone in about an hour rather than much later.

Overall, if I’d pick a cell phone to purchase this would be it. I know in the past I’ve listed another phone as my top choice but after my time with the Samsung Galaxy SIII it’s hard not to want this smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy SIII offers a big screen, great quality pictures and video, long battery life, and unique features only a Samsung Galaxy SIII can use such as bumping two of the devices together to share content. Is this device worth the price? I’d say yes if you’re looking for a reliable smart phone. If you purchase from Verizon Wireless with a 2 year contract you’ll most likely get it cheaper than buying without a contract. Will I be buying this device in the future? You can bet on it!

[learn_more caption=”Review Results”][one_half]Pros:

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  • Big screen
  • Takes great picture and video
  • Long battery life
  • Unique features to share between Galaxy SIIIs[/custom_list][/one_half]


[custom_list type=”x”]

  • Phone seems big if you’re used to smaller devices
  • Other phones reviewed provided higher quality video recording


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The Samsung Galaxy SIII  was provided by Verizon Wireless for review purposes. For more information on the Samsung Galaxy SIII or Verizon Wireless, please visit Verizon Wireless.

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