SkyDrive, CNET, Maxim, Karaoke Apps on Xbox Live Today

SkyDrive, CNET, Maxim, Karaoke Apps on Xbox Live Today

Have you noticed the lack of new applications on Xbox Live? Well today I have some good news for you! Do you enjoy checking out content from C|NET? They have an app! Do you read enjoy Maxim? Well there is now an application for that as well. Though to me that application feels very rude. Really? You’re going to title it include in the text. Hot women, news, and video games. Can’t get more disrespectful towards woman can we? Anyways, we have yet another application showing up on Xbox Live. What is it? Karaoke! Yes, you can now download an application that has over 8,000 tracks to pick from. Out of these three applications you’ll be sure to see me on this one with friends. That’s not all! Remember when Microsoft announced Sky Drive? You can download that as well!

What do you think about the applications above? Do any of them interest you? Leave a comment below we’d like to see what you think about each of the applications.

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