Review: DmC: Devil May Cry (360)

Review: DmC: Devil May Cry (360)

DmC: Devil May Cry is Ninja Theory’s latest release on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. You’ll be able to find this game in stores as of January 15th, 2013 for consoles and 25th for PC. In 2010 most of us were most likely gaming or keeping an eye on the Tokyo Game Show. Most of us remember DmC: Devil May Cry being announced and shown off a little during the event. I can clearly remember seeing so many people *whining* about how Dante is now “emo”. Honestly, I could give zero fu©ks about what a character looks like. For the past few days I’ve been playing nothing but DmC: Devil May Cry.

What do I think about this reboot of the franchise? You’ll soon find out. Is the game worth buying? Again keep on reading. Now onto this review of Ninja Theory’s latest title DmC Devil may Cry. Does this game have what it takes to please the fans?

How’s the story to this reboot of a franchise? Good question! Right from the start you can clearly tell this is something completely new. As we all know Dante has a new look and in this game it fits well. DmC: Devil May Cry is a hack n’ slash title in which you clearly beat every demon to the ground and send them back to where they came. What is this story about? You’ll learn more as you play so I would love to go into detail but I’d spoil the story. We start our game with Dante recovering from drinking the night away. Within moments of Dante waking up he finds out that he’s being hunted by a powerful demon and is told to escape. What does he do? It wouldn’t be Devil May Cry if you didn’t stand up and kick some demon butt. Right from the start you have action, which is a plus in my book, though it did feel a bit rushed. After all is said and done you’ll learn about a group who knows about the demons who plague the world due to Mundus. Who is Mundus? He’s the one who killed Dante’s parents. Why? I can’t go into much detail other than that since you’ll be learning a lot about every character as you play. This game focuses on telling a very solid story. When I first noticed the directions the game was coming from story wise I was quite pleased. I’ve found that hack’n’slash titles generally don’t bother developing the characters too much.

I haven’t been able to put the game down since my copy showed up, which is a good sign. When a game for me is hard to put down that’s a clear sign that I’m enjoying myself and most likely getting my butt kicked in-game. I can clearly say that Ninja Theory has made a very solid game that has kept true to what Devil May Cry fans will enjoy. The only issue I see people having with a game such as this is the new look for Dante, but as I’ve already said, who gives a crap about a new look? The look Dante has in this game feels modernized and what you’d have in this time rather than the white hair Dante everyone grew to know.  DmC: Devil May Cry is a reboot of the franchise and it’s clearly shown as you play. From the start you’re thrown in to battle with demons. A game that rushes into battles within moments of starting a game? It’s cool but as I said above I didn’t like to be rushed. To me having a game that throws you into battle every chance it can get is a plus as long as it’s after the start. Why? It keeps you active and hoping to come out alive and with health left over. How are the controls to the game? The controls to the game are same as games from the past. LT for Angel weapons, RT for Demon weapons, X being for your gun, and up/left/right for changing between unlocked weapons. A game having the same controls as before is a major plus in my book. Why re-learn controls when you’ve used them countless times before?

When it comes to the graphics of the game that’s another thought completely. I was blown away as soon as the battle with the first boss started. You can clearly tell a lot of work was done with the normal world and with the twisted world known as Limbo. So much detail was added whether you’re in a battle with demon spawn or exploring the world before being thrown into Limbo. What about the animation of enemies and the main character? I didn’t notice any clipping of the animations as I played. As you get later in the game the graphics change completely, with my favorite area being around level 13.

You now might be asking, what about the audio throughout the game? That’s a good question to ask! For any video game acting, music, and etc. can make or break a game. I can say the musical tracks during normal battles, boss battles, and select levels are pretty bad ass. I mean so good that while I’m typing this review I’m listening to one of the few artists in the game. As for the acting throughout the game that is very spot on with showing emotion whether it’s anger, Dante being an arrogant ass to demons, or other lines as you play throughout the game. The acting just felt good and didn’t provide any major issues. It flowed throughout the game and fit with every key point where emotion was needed. With the audio you can tell a lot of work was put into the music and acting since Ninja Theory wanted to make sure everyone is pleased with this release. I’m clearly happy that this game stuck to its roots. Why do I say it stuck to its roots? It simply has the same vibe as the others just with a new and better look and sound.

Overall, I’d say DmC: Devil may Cry is a hit and Ninja Theory lives up to creating yet another solid game. I mean hell, I haven’t been able to play another game or watch a TV show since my copy was inserted into my console. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing!  If you’re new to the series you’ll be in for one hell of a ride! This game has a solid story-line, easy to learn controls, and addicting gameplay, whether you’re new to the franchise or trying to beat your friends scores per level. Though if I had to say one thing I’m scared of it’s the Hell and Hell difficulty. Trust me when I said I’ll be crying the night away once unlocked. Is DmC: Devil may Cry worth buying? Yes! If you’re new to the franchise or a DMC fan you will not be disappointed about this release. You’ll be in for many laughs, battles, and pretty much awesome times as you progress through the game. This game has nearly no problems with me, besides a few minor things, but again Ninja Theory came out on top with this title.

[learn_more caption=”Review Results”][one_half]Pros:

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  • Solid story line
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Spot on voice acting
  • Graphics blew me away as I progressed
  • Time consuming game, more than one sitting[/custom_list][/one_half]


[custom_list type=”x”]

  • Would love more unlocks for completion
  • Being rushed into battle moments after starting the game annoyed me
  • A lot of F bombs dropped, so watch out for kids around you while playing


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DmC: Devil may Cry was provided for review purposes. For more information on this game, please visit the official website.

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