Review: Ergo Proxy (Anime)

Review: Ergo Proxy (Anime)

When I first started to watch Ergo Proxy I wasn’t sure what to think about the series. I’m being honest! Sometimes when I look at the graphics of a series I might push away a little but I’ll stick to it so I can complete a series. I’m glad stuck to watching the series since I would’ve  missed out on so much. After watching Egro Proxy I was happy with how the story was told and how it ended. This simply felt like it was an old series but I didn’t have much of a problem with that vibe. On top of that I thought this series seemed like a much darker version of Ghost in the Shell. I know from the looks of the anime below neither have a thing in common but dang I pretty much thought it was pretty close. Why did I think that? It simply felt dark, both “cops” figures fighting crime in a certain way and it being far in the future. Plus with the main topic being about robots what could go wrong in the future?

What is good and bad about this series? You’ll be finding out in my review of Egro Proxy below.

Egro Proxy is a series about a future city called Romdeau. In the far future it was built to protect its citizens after a global disaster that happened thousands of years before. What happened? You might find out later in the series… In this city you’ll find many humans and androids called AutoReivs that happen to live together. You’ll also meet the main character Re-l and you’ll learn more about her and the role she’ll have in the series. What makes this series dark? It seems that a series of murders have been committed by robots and AutoReivs. What could make one change its programming to attack and kill people? Who knows at this time. The city’s scientists call it the Cogito virus, which causes robots/androids to be self-aware. I mean really what could go wrong if one became self-aware? I wouldn’t have a problem with it, would you? On top of that the government has been doing experiments on a life form called a “Proxy,” but I can’t tell you more since I’ll be starting to ruin the story. Just from the information above it’s sure to have you interested on what the hell is going on, what’s causing androids to be self-aware, and quite possibly what’s the proxy have to do with all of this?

Those are good questions! I’ll state right now when I started the series I felt like it was going very slow for the first few episodes. Honestly, I almost wanted to stop watching it due to that main reason but decided to hold off and keep on watching. As you already read above I’m glad I didn’t do that since I would’ve missed out on a solid story. Of course this series starts off slow and needs time to explain what’s going on. I’d say that is one flaw with this title personally. Who wants to sit for quite a few episodes without any real details other than something is being hidden from the public? Other “flaws” towards the series also range from some episodes not being detailed enough. You can grasp what’s going on but some episodes jump around way to quick when you happen to try to figure things out.

What about the acting and graphics throughout the series? The acting within the series Egro Proxy is quite good. When watching you can clearly tell a lot of work has been done to provide the right emotions and speaking throughout the series. This could range from when things get very serious, drama between characters, or when shit is about to hit the fan. What about the Japanese audio? I can see why some people enjoy having English subs while watching it in Japanese but  I don’t feel the emotions as much. I do approve of anime titles the come in both English Dub and Japanese but I feel better with English due to the acting, emotions, and the level of difficulty when it comes to matching up with lip movements. As for the graphics to Egro Proxy as you can see below it’s very steam-punk and dark. Who wouldn’t like to see that? I considered Ghost in the Shell to be steam-punk and enjoyed it. That’s another thing I enjoyed a lot about this series! Egro Proxy with its graphic quality, special way of telling a dark story it’ll pull you in after quite sometime.

Overall, I’d say this anime is worth checking out when you have the free time. Goods things about this anime title range from the solid story line, good acting, and the graphics. The bad things would range from the slow story, episodes not being fully detailed at some key parts, and that more action could have been put into this series. If you’re a fan of stream-punk by all means buy this anime and you’ll be glad you did. Is the anime worth the price it’s listed online? To a point yes but I’d also say if you can find it for a bit cheaper buy it.

[learn_more caption=”Review Results”][one_half]Pros:

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  • Solid storyline
  • Good acting in both English and Japanese
  • Great graphics[/custom_list][/one_half]


[custom_list type=”x”]

  • Story takes a while to pick up
  • Japanese actors could have expressed more emotion
  • More action and details could have been provided at key points


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