Review: Pinball FX2: Star Wars DLC (XBLA)

Review: Pinball FX2: Star Wars DLC (XBLA)

I’ll admit here right at the start of this review that I don’t play many Pinball games, since I tend to not do well, though I do remember playing games such as Sonic Spinball on the Sega Genesis and Pokemon Pinball on the Gameboy Color when growing up. Those were the days, right? Now as we all know it’s 2013 and Zen Studios has more DLC for us to play, which releases tomorrow. You guessed it from the title of the review, it’s Star Wars Pinball!

I’ve been playing this DLC for a few days now and I’ll state that I’m hooked. Just typing this review has me wanting to stop and head back to play some more, though the taunting from friends also playing and beating my scores has me wanting to beat them on the leaderboard. Now I know some of you who love pinball would like to know more about what this DLC includes. I’ll be getting to that in just a moment but I will state right now get some practice in because these tables aren’t easy as the others I’ve played on Pinball FX2. The Star Wars Pinball DLC includes three new tables taken right from Star Wars. Want to know more about the first table? Of course you do! The first table is called Star Wars: Clone Wars, and if you’ve watched the animated series, which for a time showed on Cartoon Network, you’ll definitely recognize some of the references. You can see the first table below…

Anyways, the series follows a young Anakin Skywalker as he’s training to be a Jedi and meets many characters, which you’ll also meet while playing the table. Let’s get talking about table itself…as the table loads you’ll be amazed since Zen Studios does a great job with creating highly detailed graphics and animation on the table. Though let’s face it every table Zen Studios has created would make you smile and excited to play. With Clone Wars the table will take a few tries to get the hang of things since I felt the table was very fast paced. I don’t have any problem with that but it was new to be on edge in case you lose balls quickly, which I often did until I got the hang of things. The table also includes “training” modes, which you unlock by hitting key areas of the table, though depending on the level you select it could be easy, which does grant you many points to harder levels in which I’ve decided not to do as I play. I’ll gladly take it slow when it comes to earning points. If you’re looking for something hard in the new DLC this one be the table to play. Let’s get onto the next table!

Now I want to get talking about the second table that is featured on the DLC, which at this time is my favorite to play again and again. You can see the table in the picture above, which looks pretty bad ass. The second table is titled Boba Fett and as you guessed from just the name it’s all about the bounty hunter known as Boba Fett. This table isn’t as fast paced as Clone Wars felt but it will take practice and time to know what missions to take when unlocked and how to keep the ball in play for quite sometime. With this table it feels more open and does give a better chance keeping the ball in play but make one wrong move and you’ll surely sink all 3 balls and get a game over. Again with this table it looks really great whether it’s Boba Fett flying around from time to time, you shooting a missile at the middle of the table, or even having Darth Vader and/or Jabba the Hutt show up to issue a mission. This table seems to be very focused on granting you missions that do seem hard but are worth while if you’re trying to beat your friends. If you’re looking to buy the DLC this will be the table you’ll want to try out first to get the hang of things. You may be asking what is the third table, right? Well onto the third table!

As you can clearly see above is the final table, which is titled Star Wars: V. You can guess that it’s about the movie Star Wars: Episode V. You’ll see many things on this table ranging from being in space, Hoth, and more. I’ll leave it to you find out what others places you’ll visit as you play. What’s different about this table? Well as I’ve said with the two tables above with Clones being Hard, Boba Fett being a bit more easy I’d say this ranks right beside the Boba Fett table on difficulty. The table is very open, which grants you the gamer the chance to keep the ball in play longer. That is a plus! Who can turn down having the chance to get a high score by having a better chance with keeping the balls in play. Some of the missions on this table will make it harder to score high points but with any game practice will make it easy to learn for the next time you try again. I tend to stick with the first and second mission in hope that I can beat both during my first ball. This table holds many secrets in which I can’t wait for you the gamer to figure out if you purchase this DLC. I’ll give one little hint to one of my favorite things about this table, which features a first person view if unlocked and “mission” activated.

Overall, I’d say this DLC is well worth the price no matter what console you purchase it on. This DLC provides an entertaining time along with awesome graphics/gameplay. You’ll be sure to play each of these tables over and over again without getting bored. Pinball FX2 has so many tables to play I highly doubt you’ll want to switch to past tables unless a friend has beat your score. Whether you’re trying to be a Jedi or Sith you’ll be making the right choice by buying this DLC. You’ll be able to find the Star Wars Pinball DLC starting on Feb. 27th on Xbox Live and PSN.

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  • Great looking pinball tables
  • Well worth the purchase
  • Replay value is out of this world
  • DLC includes three tables[/custom_list][/one_half]


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  • I wish Clone Wars wasn’t as fast paced


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