Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home

Doctor Who Coming to PlayStation Home

Last week, LOOT Entertainment teased a live stream audience with a new trailer, titled “Soon.” The trailer was short, and didn’t have much video content, but there was a very deliberate noise. Some may have contended that it sounded like Godzilla in heat, but they would be a vocal minority. Needless to say, this morning’s announcement shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, if you’ve been paying attention. If you have, this is anticipation rewarded. If not, then perhaps it’s a nice surprise. Early this morning, LOOT Entertainment (a division of Sony DADC) announced that they would be bringing BBC’s Doctor Who to PlayStation Home.

Wave 1 of Doctor Who content will be arriving this Wednesday, March 27th, to PlayStation Home. Take a look at the trailers:

You may not be big PlayStation Home fans, but I know that a good chunk of you are Doctor Who fans. Aside from the opportunity to run around in your own TARDIS dressed as the Eleventh Doctor or River Song (or a Silent, if you’re into that kind of thing), you are able to use LOOT Entertainment’s camera system to record your own Doctor Who adventures with your friends. The machinima possibilities are wonderful.

You can buy the Wave 1 Doctor Who bundle from the LOOT Entertainment store in PlayStation home. Also, you can get a free TARDIS active item just by visiting the LOOT Space Station public area.

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