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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Giveaway

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Giveaway

Are you an avid Doctor Who Fan who has watched nearly every episode? Of course you have! Now if you haven’t there might be a huge problem with me since you haven’t been there since the Doctor first met Rose. Some of you might be asking why I haven’t started during the classics but I feel as if I enjoy the current generation more. I could let it slide by about some of you viewers not being caught up on the series but my advice is boot up Netflix and watch all the seasons so you’re caught up.

Now I know you may be wondering how the heck do I win a remote that’s in the shape of Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver? That’s a good thing to wonder since I’ll be getting to that shortly. Also, hope you’re ready for the next part of Doctor Who and his new travel partner but enough talking about the upcoming season. I’ve been sitting here for quite sometime trying to think up ideas and one finally hit me. Just follow what the Rafflecopter below lists and you’re set.

We also have an update for all of you! Thanks our friends at ThinkGeek they’ve tossed in a some awesome Doctor Who items for some of you to win. Anyone who’s a Doctor Who fan will want to have as many Doctor who items as they can. Good Luck!

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