Review: Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed (360)

Review: Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed (360)

When it comes to racing games you’ll see me and friends playing quite often. It could be the Forza franchise, Mario Kart, and even Sonic All-Star Racing. For quite some time I’ve been putting a lot of time into Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed…heck, so much time that I finally have 1000 gamer score on Xbox 360. I’ll say this much…it was one hell of a time to achieve that and I’m proud of it. Now I bet you’re wanting to know if this game is well worth the money, right? You’ll find out soon enough and on top of that what this game will provide for you and your family. Sit back and relax for the review of Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed for the Xbox 360.

In Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed there really isn’t a story as you see in most games. What’s the goal of this game you ask? It’s pretty much race, unlock new levels and racers, and just have fun as you play. That’s what I did. I spent a lot of time unlocking new characters to race as, unlocking new levels, and just having a great time as I played against friends online and locally. Now you may be wondering how you unlock things in this game, right? Well when it comes to tracks it’s simple as playing them and it’ll unlock. You can play Single Player and it’ll take a while or you can simply go to multiplayer and play online games. During those online games you can select during a vote which map you’d like to race. That’s how I unlocked all the tracks so I could get some practice in. You may be asking how do you unlock new characters? As you keep on reading you’ll soon learn about the ranks within the game. By selecting a rank you can earn up to 3 stars depending on what you select. By selecting the hardest rank you can get 3 as long as you come out on top. As for the other ranks 2 and 1 star. Anyways, you can use these stars later in the single player to unlock new characters, which reason of replay value. Most people want to have everything unlocked so by making the game fun yet putting you to work is a plus.

The gameplay to this game is really good and provides a major replay value as I said above. Now about those ranks I spoke about… As you select a race you’ll be given the option to select Easy being C, Normal being B, and Hard being Rank A. Trust me when I say get in a lot of practice if you decide to go Rank A throughout the entire game. In Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed you’ll have normal race modes, knockout races, and many mini-games. Mini-games include Capture The Chaos, which is my favorite. Though when it comes to the game in general you’ll have fun whether you’re playing solo or against others online.

With the graphics to the game I wouldn’t say I was blown away but I was a bit more happy to revisit levels that you’d see in classic games. Who doesn’t miss racing through Golden Axe, Sonic games, and many other classic games throughout the generations some of us grew up with? I couldn’t pass it up! You’ll be sure to have a smile on your face as you race via plane, boat and by car. Just be sure to watch out for those sudden attacks from the AI. Trust me when I say it’s all fun and games until that character behind you goes all-star. Plus you’ll really like how each characters changes when unlocking said mode as you race.

Overall, I’d say if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining racing game this will be the game to purchase. There is nothing like racing around as classic characters on many tracks. This doesn’t include the replay value of playing solo, online and against friends. Even though I’ve got everything in the game you’ll be sure to see me jumping on again and again.

[learn_more caption=”Review Results”][one_half]Pros:

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  • Awesome tracks to choose from
  • Huge selection of characters to race as and unlock
  • Difficult AI
  • Online play is fun, and lag free
  • Solid graphics[/custom_list][/one_half]


[custom_list type=”x”]

  • Wish that DLC released on other versions of the game also came to other consoles
  • More tracks to pick from


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