Take a Look Into Trion World’s Upcoming Game Defiance

Take a Look Into Trion World’s Upcoming Game Defiance

Have you heard of games such as Rift and End of Nations for PC? Who hasn’t! Well the company known as Trion Worlds created them but they do have something awesome coming to everyone for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. What is it you ask? It’s called Defiance and it’s going to be quite a hit from the looks of it. Ever since its announcement it has been very interesting to learn more about. Haven’t heard of this game then don’t worry I’ll catch you up.

Now if you’ve yet to hear about the game Defiance don’t worry one bit. Defiance is the upcoming release from Trion Worlds creators of Rift and End of Nations. Defiance will be coming to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on April 2nd, 2013. What type of genre is this game? It’s a MMO  Shooter. Plus you could just look a the videos below to see what you can expect. If that wasn’t all this game will also coincide with a Syfy series called Defiance since the series is focused towards the game as well. How will this work out? We’ll find out since I’ve never seen a thing like this done for any video game.

In the first video below it’s the Defiance: Competitive Multiplayer Trailer and it’s going to be huge. As you can see in the trailer there are many players playing at once. Just seeing that many players going at groups of enemies at once  will be pure hell whom ever is playing. At least it’ll be fun, right?

You may be wondering what the other trailer is about, right? The second video below is all about the unique weapons and modifications you may be able to find throughout the game. Let’s just leave it here that with each trailer whether it’s gameplay, live action or just more details towards game you’ll be interested.

Haven’t seen live gameplay to the upcoming game Defiance? Well be sure to keep an eye on the Defiance  Twitter account since they’ve been often streaming the ongoing beta for PC from time to time. If that wasn’t all you can also head over to www.defiance.com/en/beta/.

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