Learn How To Survive In Metro: Last Light

Learn How To Survive In Metro: Last Light

Have you been itching for some game footage of Metro: Last Light? Are you interested in seeing a few of the guns and other items used in the game? Then you have come to the right place. First, for those who do not know, Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033. It releases in North America on May 14 and in Europe on May 17.

Below you will find the third installment of  the Ranger Survival Guide. In the video you will learn about the different guns, how certain equipment will affect your gameplay, and buying from shops. In this game money is military grade ammunition and surely will be rare. You will also be able to scavenge items allowing you to gain more money. What weapons are you looking forward to?

  • Josh Nicholls

    I enjoyed the 1st game and thought that it was underrated. I am looking forward to this game. @MrNerveDamage

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