Microsoft and Fox Finally Speak Over Killer Instinct Trademark

Microsoft and Fox Finally Speak Over Killer Instinct Trademark

Did you grow up playing the game Killer Instinct? Who didn’t own that game when growing up? Well as many of you know Rare happened to create the game during the 90’s. Rare has said on more than one occasion they’d love to create another Killer Instinct game for Xbox 360 but what was stopping them?

Fox Television Studios, Inc. happened to have a trademark on the Killer Instinct title. Why? Because at one point they had a crime TV show so I honestly doesn’t understand why they’d bring something up since it wasn’t based on the TV show. Anyways, let’s fast forward to quite recently, and when I say recently I mean near the end of March. On March 27th, Fox and Microsoft finally came to terms about the Killer Instinct franchise, which is good news for the Killer Instinct fans. What does this mean? This means Rare may be able to start working on another Killer Instinct game but with it being so close to the next Xbox we’ll most likely be seeing something then but who knows. You can read the terms between the two companies be clicking here.


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