New Achievements Show Up for Forza Horizon

New Achievements Show Up for Forza Horizon

I really enjoyed playing the game Forza Horizon when it released in 2012. There was nothing like finding awesome cars and racing them around the world. How many cars have your purchased in-game? Don’t get me started on the music either! Thanks for Forza Horizon I’ve added a lot of bands to my favorite list and often listen to them daily. The Forza franchise has always been a good one. Plus as of late the word is that the next Xbox will have a Forza game released for it. Now what’s this news about new achievements for Forza Horizon?

It seems that Ten new achievements  have showed up online by Exophase. You can read the list of new achievements below. What does this mean? Hopefully soon more information will be provided from Microsoft or Turn 10.

  • My First Challenge – You earned your first Medal (10G)
  • Ferrari Fan – You earned a Medal in 14 different Ferraris (20G)
  • It’s Just Money – You earned a Medal in 14 different cars worth at least 1 million Cr. each (20G)
  • Snake Charmer – You earned a Medal in 3 different Shelbys (20G)
  • Lamborghini Lover – You earned a Medal for 8 different Lamborghinis! (20G)
  • Nissan Ninja – You earned Medals by racing, jumping, and drifting 7 different Nissans! (20G)
  • Well Engineered – You efficiently earned a Medal in 10 different BMWs (20G)
  • Sir Challenge-a-Lot – Like a true gent, you earned a Medal in 20 different British cars! (20G)
  • Ford Champion – You earned a Medal in 13 different Fords (20G)
  • Forza Legend – You proved you’re a Forza Legend by earning a Medal in 146 cars! (80G)


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