Review: Inuyasha The Final Act – DVD Set 2

Review: Inuyasha The Final Act – DVD Set 2

Years ago, manga artist/writer Rumiko Takahashi, creator of some of the most popular series on both sides of the Pacific (including the legendary Ranma 1/2), created her most ambitious work. It was the culmination of all her talents for comedy, romance, action and horror, a feudal fairy tale following the story of a girl thrown back in time, teaming with a half-demon boy on a journey to reassemble a magic jewel. That manga (and eventual anime TV series) was Inuyasha, and became possibly Takahashi’s greatest work. Due to catching up with the manga, the TV series had to end prematurely. Now, we finally get the conclusion in Inuyasha The Final Act. Is it worth it?

I feel the need to note that what I’m reviewing is the second DVD set, consisting of episodes 14 to 26 of this series. At this point in the series, the villainous Naraku has the nearly completed Shikon Jewel. Inuyasha, Kagome and their allies, the little fox demon Shippou, lecherous monk Miroku and experienced demon hunter Sango are racing against him, and others, to find the remaining shards. All the plot lines from the entire saga reach their conclusion point as the final conflict comes, and everyone will face their greatest challenge.

Which is all well and good, assuming that like me, you know who any of these people are, what the Shikon Jewel is, and what is actually going on already. Honestly, that’s probably the only major flaw in this series. If you’re not already a fan of Inuyasha, this is probably not the way to get into the franchise. Still, I have to stress that the quality of the series is really good. The animation is great, mixing both hand-drawn animation with computer animated effects, the music is great, and the voice work in both languages is really well done. And I have to add, the final episode may be one of my favorite final episodes in anime ever.

Features-wise, it’s rather slim pickings, with only an original Japanese trailer and cast credits in English.

Inuyasha the Final Act DVD set 2 doesn’t have much in extras, and is not for people new to the series. What it has going for it is a quality series, that has such a great conclusion, and a satisfying finish to a beloved series. It’s definitely one that fans shouldn’t miss.

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  • Great quality animation, music, and acting
  • Satisfying ending[/custom_list][/one_half]


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  • Not many features
  • Not for non-fans


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