Review: Sonic the fighters (XBLA)

Review: Sonic the fighters (XBLA)

A number of gamers love the classics from Mario, Banjo Kazooie, Pacman, and Sonic. Games that feature characters from these games are normally an easy sell. Sometimes the games are remade or changed; the remakes or changed games can vary on if they are good or horrible. Sonic the Fighters is a game that takes Sonic and other characters and changed it into a fighting game. Is this game good or horrible?

In the game you have a choice of eight characters, but Amy can has a unique skin change and creates a total of nine characters. The first character I choose was Tails! Throughout the game you verse all the characters, including a dark shadow clone of your character and one more surprise fighter. When you first start the arcade mode you get to set up the rules like the time limit and how many shields a character starts with.

The goal is to hit the opponent until they lose all of their rings. Also, if you chose the setting to have shields each character has a shield that is used for blocking, but can be destroyed by power attacks. Though it might be brief, like many fighting game there are two other modes other than arcade mode. The first is offline versus, which allows you to face a friend who is on the same Xbox. Then the second is online versus.  While I was playing the game I enjoyed offline versus more than any other game mode. Each character has their own abilities a few are Sonic’s spin attack, allowing him to zip around the arena and attack his opponent. Then there is Fang and his pop gun that can shoot and keep an opponent at a distance.

The creators of the game stayed true to the original graphics.  The developers used the same graphics and sounds, used in the classics. Creating a problem for those gamers who like new graphics and wanted something more fluid. This game is made for people who love the classic versions of sonic. In fighting games the music, sounds, and graphics are all nice and not as necessary as the buttons or movements. In Sonic the Fighters the buttons take no time to get use to. Once you have a hold on block, punch, and kick your ready to go! In this game button combos are used and can also cause each characters specials moves and the combos are not hard to perform. The problem that most people will have is how fast the characters move or hit. They movements are slower, I believe, because of the animation.

Overall, the game is not horrible, but not great. It was fun, but more so due to playing with friends. It is short, but a player might remember many memories from the past games.You are able to find the game in Xbox live arcade for 400 Microsoft Points, which is not much. A game like this has many pros and cons, but they can be affected by who is playing.

pros: Cheap, Memories, easy achievements or hunters, and classic style

cons: slow fighting movement or reaction times and not much of a story


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