Fanime 2013 Video Round-Up

Fanime 2013 Video Round-Up

Fanime 2013 has come and gone, and after much trial and tribulation, the videos from said con are ready to be seen.

Viz Media panel

Here, we have the panel by industry leader Viz Media, announcing the latest releases in both manga and anime, as well as Neon Alley, their new online streaming service for game systems. However, the most interesting announcement is that Viz’s manga app and their English Shonen Jump will do what’s never been done before: Same day release of manga chapters in English as they come out in Japan.

Interview with Tsuyoshi Nonaka

Tsuyoshi Nonaka, toy and character designer for series like the Metal Heroes and Super Sentai series (known in the states as Power Rangers), sat down with me to talk about his career, his favorite designs, fandom and the future of his toyline Soul of Chogokin.

Ahmed is not just a fanboy, but also a martial artist and an indie author who has published such fantasy adventure books as “Lunen: Triblood”.

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