Review: Arcane Legends (Android)

Review: Arcane Legends (Android)

I’ve said many times before on my cell phone game reviews, I’ve always enjoyed the Android OS. To me it feels very clean and provides an easy way to get around. There is always a wide selection of games and applications that can be used. That’s only if you set the device up not to drain the battery right away. Anyways, for quite sometime I’ve been playing the game Arcane Legends, which you can find in the Google Play store. From the moment I started I was hooked! How could a game so simple and free pull me in?

Let’s find out in my review of the game Arcane Legends! Will this game bring out what RPG fans like or sink like some mobile games do?

Arcane Legends is s basic MMO for Android devices and Google’s Chrome browser. I happen to play both depending on how much time I have to commit to playing. In this game you’re given one of three heroes to play as, which is a decent selection, but I do hope more bonus characters can be added into the system. Now as for the gameplay itself, I felt it was very simple to grasp. The plus side to this game is that you pay nothing unless you do want some premium items, but some of those premium items will be granted to you for free during quests or special in-game events. Another plus is that this game has a lot of users and there can be major replay value by doing things like helping new people or just leveling up and finishing the storyline. New areas to explore and other recent additions to the game assure you will never grow bored.

With your mobile device controlling the game is as simple as point and click, and with attacks simple as pushing a button and making sure to aim towards the enemy. When playing on the PC it’s using the keyboard and mouse, so no touch screen there. As for the graphics of the game they’re as good as most mobile based games you’ll find. However, I didn’t have a problem with how the characters looked or how levels and new areas looked in-game. Hopefully in the future the developers will make a game built just for PC and push out the best that they can.

The game also has some cool features such as being able to change how your character looks. As you can see in the picture below everyone is wearing something different. Some are higher levels with better items in hand, which tends to be the case in most MMO’s. Included in this game are pet’s that you can buy or find. These pets help you during a quest by giving your character stat boosts or even attacking enemies for you. Be sure to make the pet happy! Other features include being able to randomly join other players when visiting new areas, create a clan, and complete many daily tasks. I’ve put in a lot of time into this game and enjoyed it.

My biggest complaint about playing the game on a mobile device is that it drains the batter in no time. However, you can change settings to make it last longer but suffer lower quality in-game.

Overall, I’d say Arcane Legends is a game worth checking out on your PC. If you decided to play it on your Android based phone be sure to have it plugged in or it’ll die quickly. You’ll be sure to see me online as much as I can, because like many other people I can’t help but enjoy being a MMO addict. If you’re looking for a one of a kind MMO on your mobile device and or PC check this game out.

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