Review: Sanctum 2 (XBLA)

Review: Sanctum 2 (XBLA)

When it comes to games I’m always on the lookout for a one that may or may not kick my ass as I play it. One game I’ve been playing lately has been the game Sanctum 2, which you can find on Xbox Live and Steam. If you have ever wanted a game that was part first person shooter and tower defense, then Sanctum 2 is the game for you! I can state now this is an addicting game to play whether you’re alone or have friends online playing as well.  The amount of time I’ve put into this game is quite crazy, and I haven’t even beaten the final level yet. It has me trying to think up new ways to stall the enemies as they try to reach their goal. Of course by the time they get half way most are dead unless they’ve been super charged to totally kick my ass.

As I said above, I want you to picture a first person shooter along with tower defense and waves of enemies. That alone seems very interesting, plus after playing a few levels in Sanctum 2 you’ll be busy enjoying yourself. Each level has a select amount of waves you most complete to beat the level. The goal is quite simply defending your main core, but later in game you’ll have more than one core to protect. In order to protect your core, you’ll need to place walls, different types of guns or machines that will help you out. Some things include machine guns, rocket launchers, machines to slow down enemies, or even blast of energy that may destroy a week enemy. It’s going to be up to you to figure out what will help out the most. During each wave you’ll have credits and more walls show up that you can place around the levels. My advice is is to make sure to have your enemies take a while to get through your mazes. Using the credits will let you place more guns or even upgrade any machines to deal more damage or stall enemies. You’ll be able to select from one of four characters, each with a special ability along with a select weapon. If that wasn’t all once you level up you’ll be able to select better perks, items to place on the map and secondary weapons to use.

Graphically I was pretty pleased with what I got to see as I got farther into the game. I’ll start off with how each level loads. You don’t see many games that load as if you were reading an on-going comic strip. This really fit the game well and wouldn’t mind to see a comic go on about the series. One can hope for Sanctum 3, right? The enemies looked very clean and pretty cool looking as you progress through the game. Trust me you’ll see some crazy looking enemies and bosses as you get deeper into Sanctum 2. The levels you’ll play in are very huge and vast. Be sure to study them a bit so you know which way to lead your enemies so you have more time to take them out. You can clearly tell the development team put in a lot of time to bring out the best in the game.

The audio in the game it didn’t really hit me much since I was clearly focused on the game play the most. I wouldn’t mind if more effort was put bringing in some upbeat music. An example would be during the last wave or even a boss battle that some heavy rock music would start to play. This to me would make me excited yet want to beat the enemies. I’m not saying what they have now doesn’t work, but it’s just an idea for the future.

Overall, I’d say this game is a hit, and I enjoyed it. However, I’ll admit that I never played the first game. From what I’ve heard around as I played Sanctum 2 that this one blows the first out of the water. This game provides a fun whether you’re playing solo or with friends. You’ll be working together from start to end trying to keep alive and keep your base from being destroyed. You’ll unlock many new weapons, perks, towers to use, and dealing out massive amounts of damage to those pesky enemies. If you’re looking for a one of a kind FPS/Tower Defense game this is the one to check out.

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