Review: SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition (3DS)

Review: SpeedX 3D Hyper Edition (3DS)

I love games that challenge my reaction time! I normally download games on my iPhone that are similar to SpeedX 3D and I play them on the go all the time. Now, I can enjoy a fast paced game that allows me to maneuver around a track dodging objects. The game utilizes 3D graphics to make the game unique and more compelling.

In this game you can change your speed from normal which is slow to hyper drive which makes you much faster. Going slower is easier and allows you to out maneuver obstacles, but it is safe and boring! Hyper speed not only makes it more challenging and fun, but you also earn more points. For those who think that they can get by without going fast, the game also causes you to slowly pick up speed. While moving in the game, the layout of the map will change, but if you keep an eye on the track it will let you know when an obstacle is coming. Some ways that the track changes is by flattening out or forming into a tunnel. By changing it the developers keep you from getting  too familiar with the track.

In this game shields help your get further. They can be picked up by going over special squares. Shields will deteriorate over time, but protect you if you run into any object. There are a different obstacles, some are stationary and others move. They are all some type of box, either square or rectangle. The graphics for the game are beautiful! Color is used to add effect to the game and blend perfectly for 3D use. I normally found it more difficult to keep moving while in 3D because it is hard to adjust correctly to a 3D object than a 2D one. By this I mean the 3D gives more depth and makes it more mentally taxing to think about where you need to be at the time of moving out of an object’s way.


I loved that in the game you could switch between five different songs. Maybe not a huge variety, but the beat of the music flows well with the game. Also the controls are a piece of cake you have your stick for movement and X/B for speed. One thing I would love to see is a variety in game modes. One game mode that I would like to see is where you are going backwards. This would be more difficult, because you would have to watch tiles on the road to know when to move and you could not go as fast. Also, a multiplayer mode where you could race against other players who are either online or in proximity would have been fun!

Overall, I liked  the game! It provides a challenge, but also allows you to choose between two levels of speed if necessary. The game is not filled with complicated button movements making it super easy to move. The game might not have a story and the time of play that you get depends on if you continue to try to get further, but its low price compensates for these shortcomings.

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