Guitar Hero DLC Catalog Expiring at End of March

Guitar Hero DLC Catalog Expiring at End of March

It’s a sad day when you learn that all the DLC for Guitar Hero will be taken down, right?┬áIt seems downloadable songs for Activision’s many Hero based games (Guitar Hero, Band Hero, etc.) will no longer be on sale March 31st, via the company announcement. Personally, I played the living hell out of Guitar Hero III back in the day, and still till this day can do pretty well on Through the Fire and Flames. The good news is that servers for Guitar Hero will remain online, so songs that you’ve purchased will still be use-able after March 31st.


At the end of their availability, select songs will be available at a discounted price, which is good for someone looking to get the DLC cheap before they’re gone. What formats will these discounted prices show up on? Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii! I guess it’s time for me to make sure I own all the DLC I would like before it’s gone for good. Also, the mobile game will be on sale at a discounted price, but wasn’t that good in my opinion since I was always a person who preferred using the instrument controllers.

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