Meet Fuuko in Conception II’s Latest Trailer

Meet Fuuko in Conception II’s Latest Trailer

Atlus is at it once again with yet another trailer for you about the playable characters in the upcoming PS Vita and 3DS game Conception II. This time Atlus is sharing more details on the character known as Fuuko. Atlus has made sure to excite Aron and I with each trailer leading up to the release, which is next month. Who wouldn’t after seeing the trailers?

Atlus has more to come so while the release date is still next month that’ll give Atlus more than enough time to have my throwing my money towards them for the game. Enough of that, enjoy the trailer that is provided below to learn more about Fuuko. Will you be picking up the game this April? We’d love to read what you think about the game so far from the trailers in the comments below.


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