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Resident Evil 4 HD (PC) Giveaway

Resident Evil 4 HD (PC) Giveaway

Have you been wanting to play Resident Evil 4 HD, but haven’t had the chance to purchase the game? Here at Marooners’ Rock you know we’re here to help you the gamer out when it comes to fun games. As you can guess already the giveaway for this week will be for Resident Evil 4 HD for Steam. Now with any of our giveaway events here on Marooners’ Rock we’ll always make sure it’s very easy to obtain your entries.

How will you this time? As the contests before you’ll simply need to follow the tasks in the application below. Simple, right? What made some of these classics good? You’ll find out if you happen to win. Good luck to all who enter!

Avid collector of Funko Pop! items, Pokemon and video games. You may have seen my past work at SFX-360/DigitalNoob. When I’m not collecting great things I’m writing news, previews, reviews and running giveaways.

  • ExVillain


  • Julio CΓ©sar Mendoza

    I always forget the name of the guy in RE2, the scientist that has the G virus… that guy.

  • c3cg

    Del Lago from RE4 πŸ™‚

  • amdmen

    Wesker :O

  • Tim

    Tyrant from Resident Evil 2

  • iANiMeX

    Tyrant is still the best for me!

  • rogannn

    The Wesker and Jill boss fight was pretty fun πŸ˜€

  • Stefan Vasilev

    Krauser – Becouse he is so bad ass and it was very hard boss for me.

  • hsith

    Lord Sadler on RE4

  • Simon Piedra

    Nemesis from Resident evil 3

  • rann


  • Shawn Sigurdson

    The chainsaw enemies, the ones with bags on their heads. The ones from RE4 & RE5. You never know when they’re dead… unless they drop some loot.

  • Richy


  • Leon Durham

    Wesker especially at the end of Resident Evil 5 but he is fun to fight in any RE game.

  • Amy


  • Frank


  • Lajos Nagy

    Tyrant ofc πŸ™‚

  • wak

    William Birkin in his various forms

  • Oskar


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