Review: ZAGGsparq 6000

Review: ZAGGsparq 6000

Nearly three years ago, I provided a review for the wonderful ZAGGsparq 2.0. It still works beautifully, and it has proven its worth time and time again over the years. Last summer, ZAGG released the new ZAGGsparq lineup, featuring a redesign and a variety of power options and price points. The new ZAGGsparq comes in three flavors, each named after the capacity mAh (milliamp hours, or the total amount of energy that a battery can store) that the battery provides:

  1. ZAGGsparq 1220 – Rated at 1 full charge – $39.99
  2. ZAGGsparq 3100 – Rated at 2 full charges – $69.99
  3. ZAGGsparq 6000 – Rated at 4 full charges – $99.99

The number of charges is a general number, and depending on the device(s) you are charging, and the continued battery drain of using the device while charging, your full number of available charges may vary. All three products share the same design, though the more powerful you go, the thicker you get. This review will focus on the strongest of the three available ZAGGsparqs, the ZAGGsparq 6000. It’s 3,000 times more than the old ZAGGsparq 2.0.

Well, that’s obviously just silly, but what can I say, I’m silly.

Living in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, I have come to appreciate the convenience and price of public transportation. Granted, it takes longer (at times), but it’s far more relaxing than having to contend with traffic, and I can get more done without having to focus on driving. Whether it’s listening to music, watching a show, reading, writing, editing drafts, playing games, or some other activity that escapes me as I write this, I make heavy use of my iPhone 5S while sitting on the train. This, understandably, drains the battery quickly. The ZAGGsparq 6000 (previously the 2.0) is what keeps me running and connected to the world, without fail. As I mentioned above, the rated number of full charges will depend on your device and your usage while plugged in. While listening to music, I’ve been able, similar to my experience with the equally rated ZAGGsparq 2.0, to get over three full recharges before having to plug the ZAGGsparq 6000 back into an outlet.

The design of the device has changed significantly. The ZAGGsparq 2.0 was a glossy black square, 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1″, with the folding prongs and twin USB ports along one side. The ZAGGsparq 6000, 4″ x 2.75″ x 1.4″ (approximately), eschews the gloss of its predecessor, covering the back with a rubberized grip and the face with a matte silver plastic, as you can see in the header image. The thicker design makes it more difficult to carry around in a pocket, unlike the flat, more distributed ZAGGsparq 2.0, but if you have a bag or purse, it becomes a non-issue.

If you’re looking for a mobile charging solution that can keep up with power use, then the ZAGGsparq 6000 is a well priced, and wonderfully functional device. If you need something as an emergency power pack, but don’t plan on running through multiple charges, the ZAGGsparq 1220 is cheap and its slimmer form factor will be more convenient for carrying.


  • Multiple mobile charges for power users or emergency situations
  • Well priced when compared to other solutions, like power-pack cases with lower capacities
  • Able to double as wall charger


  • Larger form factor can be inconvenient for pocket carrying

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